Saturday, June 24, 2006

Study - Dark Haired Girl

I did this study today in homage to Malcolm Liepke - I love his work and I did this study in his style. I did it in watercolor on skecth paper and it is 8X9 inches. It was a fun piece to do.


Hattermad said...

Very beautiful tribute, his influence and your own particulars. Did you by chance see the latest watercolor magic with the interview with him?

Jean Hutter said...

Malcolm Liepke - I love his work and I did see the interview in WC Magic - that is how I first discovered him. There are a lot of examples of his paintings on the net and he had a show in NY, of watercolors in July.

For skin tone - it depends on if I am using watercolor or acrylic -
in watercolor I use American Journey WC paint from Cheap Joes - Peachy Keen, Costal Fog, and usually some yellow ocher and white gouache. In acrylic usually white, yellow ocher and some form of red.