Friday, October 13, 2006

Illustration Friday - Smitten

Illustration Friday theme - Smitten. This is a hand made collage, open page spread from an Altered Book I did entitled "Love Tokens". Nothing says "Smitten" like love letters - especially love letters signed with a kiss. The little verse on the bottom says:

"This visionary theme is thine
From one who loves thee still
Tis writ to thee a valentine
But call it what you will."


murphy girl said...

i like the ballet dancer!

Jeannette said...

This is a really great collage. I like all the old photographs.

Poseidion said...

awww. that looks so cute

Darcey said...

It's very different from everyone elses. It's unique and I like it.

iHanna said...

so cute!