Sunday, January 28, 2007

Angel - Mixed Media

Did this mixed media and collage painting today. I think I like it but it is different from what I have been working on lately (my e-bay landscapes). I used to just paint abstract but lately I just am not feeling the abstracts. I need to take a hard look at my direction. I want to work on figures and combine them into a semi-abstract look - sort of like this painting. I was reading a post on an art related group I belong to and the woman was talking about expectations and just creating for the joy of creating. This is where I run into problems - I either create to sell or struggle with my direction. Whose expectations am I trying to meet? Surely not my own. I need to do some artistic soul searching and see what and how I "feel" for a change. I am thinking I would like to explore some collage/mixed media paintings including the figure. I can easily do this digitally but I want these to be made primarily with paint and mixed media materials - and some collage. I also think I would like to work on another digital collage tarot deck - just majors at the moment.


cat said...

I like this collage painting, and especically like the term "collage painting". I am mixed media collage artist, and am struck by this term to describe my own work better.

I totally understand what you mean by doing art to sell, versus what your heart is pulling you to do. I struggle with this, although it usually comes down to making a living is more important than following every inspiration. Focus is the name of the game now, and my focus is to become a full-time artist once again, which means making a living doing one medium.

Anyways, thanks for sharing this piece. I really like the depth and layering. Looks like it was satisfying to create.

My best to you,

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