Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Before and After - Watercolor

I posted this painting (top version) on e-bay and it didn't sell. I took a good look at it and decided it was just ho-hum and needed work to make it a better painting. The second image is the reworked painting. I extended the tree line and made it less static on the top - making it a real tree line. I added a little bit of land on the far right for balance. I changed the color of the water and changed the formation of the foreground rocks. The two openings in the rocks were too similar and I didn't like the placement of the top opening - the rocks are much better now. Last I added a few seagulls.

I do thinks the second painting is so much better and I re-posted it to e-bay, let's see if anyone else thinks it is better!

1 comment:

Marie said...

I think the revamped one is definitely better.
I am loving your abstract pieces. Went to hunt one down on ebay but did not find anything, is it already sold?
Perhaps on in purple will be next :-)