Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Atlantic City Surf - Watercolor

I met a new artist friend yesterday Sheila Grabarsky and her work is just awesome. I took a trip to visit her studio and then we went down to Atlantic City to the AC Art Center where she will be having a solo show in July. The AC Art Center is a beautiful venue right on the boardwalk overlooking the ocean. It was a bright, sunny, beautiful day and the ocean looked wonderful. I decided this morning since I had to paint some watercolor landscapes for my upcoming A&C show in PA I would paint the surf. I don't usually do this type of painting because I do not think you can do the waves justice but I wanted to commemorate our great day together. I did not have a camera to take a quick shot so this one is from memory and feeling - althought I do think the sea was much more green than in this painting. I had such a nice day, art (looking and talking) and a delicious lunch - what more could a girl ask for!!!

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