Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dream Catcher - New Abstract

This is a new abstract I just finished - it is 36X36 and on canvas. I love this painting - it is hanging on the wall in my studio and it is awesome. I am usually very critical of everything I paint but this one I can find no fault with.


Libby said...

oooh I see so much in this piece, and at 3' sq I bet it IS awesome!
Would love to hear your perceptions about it.
Mine - I immediately saw the large blue area as the Pool of Life, and the various areas around it are the places we can be on the path. The darker blue/black area shows how life can just swallow you up, drown you in its darkness, or lead to a place of isolation and aloneness. The dark rectangle enclosed by yellow and orange symbolizes how close happiness can be if we somehow find the strength to go outside into the world and into the light....then, once you make the decision to leave the darkness and roam around you find the chaotic murkiness a bit daunting, but if you persevere and avoid the landmines you arrive at that glorious bright day, symbolized by the circle of wholeness and the larger space of oranges and yellows of joy and happiness. On around the path is serenity and peacefulness. The mauve-y color to me represents all that stuff out there that I just don't need to concern myself with, because I cannot change any of it, and worrying about it only leads back to the dark place. The unseen part of the picture beyond the right edge represents all that we can never truly see or know for sure. Or maybe it's the unknown future, determined by the path we take.

Your beading blog is on my Read Daily list. This is my 1st visit to your art site. Loved it - can you tell???

Hope this long-winded post didn't eat up too much of your bandwidth or something. :) The more I look, the more I see.

thebeadedlily said...

I didn't know you painted Jean-- your abstracts are good!


No Fault????
Of COURSE not! It's a wonderful piece,,,why didn't I paint this!!