Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Art Thoughts

Well I blogged about winning the first place award at the Ocean County Artists Guild Juried show and the opening was on Sunday - it is a great show and I am honored to have won a prize. So after the awards ceremony some guy asks to take a photo of me with my painting - I think nothing of this until I see it on the Guild's web site and I look like I weight 500 lbs - I should sue - if only I could Photoshop it!! If this photo doesn't make me want to lose weight I don't know what will - am I posting a link to this photo - I think NOT. So I have decided to start watching what I eat and walking again - I guess I have digressed from my title Art Thoughts but this is setting up why I was out walking this AM.

Soooooo - I am out walking this fine morning and thinking about my art and painting in general and why I do it - I sure am not doing it for the money I am making!! I came to realize I just like to paint - to mess around and make marks with the brush (good thing I paint abstractly). I like the color, the juiciness of the paint, rubbing it on a canvas or paper, seeing how one shape or mark reacts with the next - well just the act of painting. I don't feel I have something profound to say in my work. I just hope the marks I am making at some point turn out to be pleasing to me - that's right, just to me. If that doesn't happen then I am quite willing to squeeze out more paint and make more marks - this is not rocket science.

I am not belittling my work or saying I do not sometimes make a good painting, I am just saying what drives me is nothing deep or grandiose, it is just what I enjoy doing "painting". I need to remember this - because I get into trouble when I over think it!

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Marlaine said...

I like your attitude to your paintings! It makes me think that I should go back to it and do it for the pleasure and not worry so much about the end product! Thanks for that!