Thursday, July 02, 2009

PA Art Studio

So I needed a place to paint here in PA - I have a screened-in porch on the side of the house and thought I would try that. The bottom is a photo of my new studio and the top a new abstract I painted yesterday. I like painting on the porch - well for the nice weather - it is bright and I feel like I am in the woods working. I sometimes have a hard time getting used to painting in a new area - not so here. I hope to do a lot of great art work this summer in my little porch studio. I am painting on paper for now - I did not want to cart a ton of canvases up with me but I may buy some while I am here.


Joie Moring said...

Hello Jean, I just stopped over from Beverly's blog...and am loving your abstracts. The play of red to neutrals and movement are so fun - free. That is a gift that I have not mastered...but so admire. Loving the dark purple and reds too...and enjoy seeing some of your pieces evolve...Joie

Andrew Thornton said...

This is excellent! I love the patchwork of colors and the subtle drips and scratches. Keep up the good work!