Saturday, December 19, 2009

Acrylic on Canvas

I cannot believe I have not posted here since October. This is a current abstract but I really have not been painting at all. I don't think I am in a slump - just not in the mood. This is really strange for me as I do a lot of painting in the winter months - wonder what is going on. I have been doing a lot of jewelry making and having fun so maybe that is it?? It is snowing hard and it is only 9 AM we are suppose to get 12 to 15 inches today thru tomorrow morning - that is rare for here in NJ so close to the ocean. Maybe all the snow will make me want to do some winter watercolor landscapes - at least they sell well on Etsy.


Lisa Guidarini said...

Just found your blog through serendipity. I've only just begun getting back into all things arty for the first time since high school. We won't discuss how long ago that is ... Anyway, I love your art and had to tell you. I've been working in collage, with acrylics, doing multimedia work. But your work... Wow.

Essay said...

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Jane said...

your paintings are wonderful.....more please!