Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lake Series Abstract

New abstract Thunderstorm Over The Lake 22X28 on canvas. We have been having a lot of storms this past week - dark skies, thunder, wind and lots of hard rain. I tried to capture this feeling in my painting. I have been painting in such different colors here in PA - it is so green here and that is all I see when I sit on my deck overlooking the lake and when we drive around the roads here - it is very rural and I love it. Painting better than ever this summer.


translation service said...

They had a lot of storms last week a dark sky, thunder, wind and rain so hard. They tried to capture this feeling in my painting.

ThomsAllvin said...

Wow what a great painting!!I salute your work and great imagination behind this painting.I love this painting.Superb.I have no words to explain your painting .Nice !

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johnpoll said...

Wow amazing and fantastic painting !Superb.I love this painting.Amazing imagination and great work.

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Celina M said...

Such a beautiful painting. I love how free you are! I'm on a pursuit to loosen up in my painting and you are an inspiration.