Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Abstract on Canvas

This is the second painting I did at the Monday night art group. This painting is 24X30 on canvas. It is unusual colors for me - I hardly ever use purple and green and together unheard of! I am painting very well lately I hope this trend lasts. I am reading an article about Richard Diebenkorn it is very interesting - I love his work I would say he is one of my greatest influences these past 3 years or so. I find his work fascinating and could study it endlessly. I always find something new in his paintings.


nora chou said...

i'm a bit of an abstract painter myself. (i haven't painted in a while now) but i'm loving your use of coloured blocks!


gallerydarrow said...

WOW! You are good! My son and my father in law are both abstract painters. I really can't imagine doing it myself but so appreciate "good" paintings! You have a true gift Jean.

xo, Ro

lala said...

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