Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Business of Art

As I have said I love to paint but not market. I have come to a point in my artistic career where it is time to take it up a notch or throw in the brushes. Since I have the need to create and painting is what I love to do most I decided to get organized and try my hand at some marketing.

My first step was to buy the book "Starving to Successful" by Jason Horejs. I really love this book and it has given me so many great ideas and tips that I am already starting to implement.

The first thing I wanted to accomplish was to get together a hard copy portfolio. I am pretty good about photographing my finished artwork so I had that step already completed. I bought an Itoya 8 X11 1/2 portfolio to use. I printed out a bunch of my paintings with accompanying info, updated my art bio and artist statement. I printed out my exhibit listing and a few show and newspaper articles. I have to say the portfolio looks pretty impressive. I will also make up some digital portfolios on CD but I wanted a hard copy for myself to have with me in my travels.

I already have a web page and it is up to date with current work. I added a counter/tracker from to better analyse visitors. It was easy to install, is invisible and does just what I wanted - I am happy and now tracking visitors to my web page -

I also want to send out an e-newsletter, I am thinking maybe quarterly. I wanted to add a sign up form to my web page. I created the code to add the form to the contact page of my web site from EmailMeForm. This was easy to install and does just what I want and I am happy with it - who could ask for more ; )

The next and biggest step is to get a handle on my art inventory. I paint on both canvas and paper and have a lot of finished art work. I had some of the paintings in an excel spread sheet but I wanted a bit more control that that. I researched a few Art Inventory products and decided on Flick! - I chose this one for a number of reasons. First it does just what I wanted tracks my art work, a contact list, produces reports and so much more. Some of the other products I looked at had so many features I didn't want or need - they were very complex and expensive - which brings me to the second reason I opted for Flick! - it was only $29.95 - a bargain. I first downloaded a trial version and played with it a bit to see how I liked it - I also downloaded another product to compare - Flick! was my choice. I am slowly entering my artwork - what I love is I can have an image of each piece, I can track where a painting is and has been and do all sorts of neat stuff - I am such a computer geek!!!! Next I will start entering my contact list and a few other odds and ends.

The bottom line here is contacting galleries - so am I procrastinating with all this organization - I don't think so. I feel now is my time - now or never.

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