Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Color Thoughts

I started this painting on Monday night with the Abstract group - it was a disaster. I was not feeling great and had no energy and my painting showed this. I wanted to get back to it right away just to prove I hadn't lost my touch - so yesterday morning I repainted most of what I had done the night before and here is the result - it is called Caravan and is acrylic 30X24 on canvas. I have been thinking lately about my current color choices and how my location affects my use of color. When I was in PA this summer it was so much green, grey and blue and that was the colors I used to paint. Now I am back in NJ and it is fall and the color is glorious - I am painting in orange, golden yellow, pinks, light blue and well much brighter, lighter colors. My paintings feel much happier and are so much more colorful. I am liking this change and I think it is an improvement - I wonder what winter will bring?


victoria kloch said...

This painting is WONDERFUL!!

Free Poker Money said...

He painted in orange, golden yellow, pink, blue and very bright, lighter in color. My paintings will feel much happier and more colorful.He had taken a liking to this change, and he think it's an improvement.