Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lakeville - New Abstract Painting

This is the other painting from last week. It is acrylic on canvas 30X24 and I LOVE it, I love the colors, the movement, the excitement - well everything. I painted this one rather quickly and I find that the quick ones are usually the best - no time to over think them. This painting is in my Etsy Shop here. I named it Lakeville after a town near my summer house in NE Pennsylvania. I am continuing to add my canvases to my new inventory product which I will blog about tomorrow. I am getting so organized - about time ; ) I also have news about a great exhibit I will be seeing next week - I am so excited - NE Corridor by artist Malcolm Bray. He is my favorite artist right now and I cannot wait to see his work live and in person. I really wish I was going to the opening tomorrow night but I will be seeing the show next Wednesday - probably better, not crowded so I can study the work close up.

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