Friday, December 10, 2010

Common Threads - Abstract

I painted this smaller abstract yesterday. It is called Common Threads 22X28 acrylic on canvas. I especially like this painting and I painted it in under an hour. Sometimes the best are created quickly. I have painted a lot of canvases this year - I need to see what the actual number is but it has been a productive year - well not so much the summer but since I have come home from PA. My problem is storing all the canvas - when I used to paint on paper this wasn't as much of a problem BUT I love painting on canvas so I can live with the storage problem for now. Need to start selling ; ) I am not a happy camper today - bad case of the blues.


Tina Bluefield said...

Jean, I think your work is wonderful, and good for me to see as I move out of squares and rectangles and into more lyrical abstract work...thanks for posting your paintings!

Tina Bluefield said...
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Jean Hutter said...

Thanks Tina - My images have evolved over the years - I found I was stuck and painting very hard edged shapes - I likened the images to patio blocks. I decided I wanted to free myself and paint with a more lively brush stroke and I am still working on this. But I must say I am happier with my paintings as of late.

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