Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free To Fly - Abstract

Not to be confused with flying for free - nothing is free but aggravation! I painted this new abstract last night - Free To Fly - acrylic on canvas 36X36. I am thinking this might be a break through painting for me because it is closer to where I envision my work going. It has a lot of energy and is light and airy. I love the movement and colors in this one - I sure hope it is not a fluke. I like it so much I submitted it to a show for next year - I hope it gets in I will know in late December.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Between the Tides - Abstract Painting

Here is the latest abstract called "Between The Tides" - acrylic on canvas 24X36. This painting reminds me of looking at a map or the land from above - land and water formations. I like the movement and coloring in this painting it has a nice flow.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sand Bar - Abstract Painting

I painted this abstract "Sand Bar" a few days ago. It is acrylic on canvas 36X36. I have mixed feelings about it - I wanted to paint a very hi-key painting but ended up adding quite a few dark areas to this one. I am not sure if it is spotty or not but it sure looks good hanging on the wall in my studio - so for now I will leave it be. I just wish I had some direction in my life right now. I am trying to sell one house and buy another - and nothing is happening - so I wait. I also have mixed feelings about my painting - as much as I tout my marketing efforts I wonder if it is worth it. Sometimes I think I should just quit painting, quit making jewelry and just veg out. Life sure would be simpler but would I be happy - I am not sure. During the summer when I am in PA I don't do much - I go to the beach, read, walk and just live - no pressure to paint or create anything - and I am happy there. Or maybe this is just an excuse not to market and approach Galleries - hmmmm. My painting has a lot to do with what type of house I need to buy - I need space to paint - I paint in acrylic on canvas and I paint a lot of canvases - I need room to paint and lots of room to store paintings. If this wasn't an option I could look at smaller, less expensive houses. I am like a dog chasing it's tail ; (

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Business of Art

As I have said I love to paint but not market. I have come to a point in my artistic career where it is time to take it up a notch or throw in the brushes. Since I have the need to create and painting is what I love to do most I decided to get organized and try my hand at some marketing.

My first step was to buy the book "Starving to Successful" by Jason Horejs. I really love this book and it has given me so many great ideas and tips that I am already starting to implement.

The first thing I wanted to accomplish was to get together a hard copy portfolio. I am pretty good about photographing my finished artwork so I had that step already completed. I bought an Itoya 8 X11 1/2 portfolio to use. I printed out a bunch of my paintings with accompanying info, updated my art bio and artist statement. I printed out my exhibit listing and a few show and newspaper articles. I have to say the portfolio looks pretty impressive. I will also make up some digital portfolios on CD but I wanted a hard copy for myself to have with me in my travels.

I already have a web page and it is up to date with current work. I added a counter/tracker from StatCounter.com to better analyse visitors. It was easy to install, is invisible and does just what I wanted - I am happy and now tracking visitors to my web page - www.jeanhutter.com.

I also want to send out an e-newsletter, I am thinking maybe quarterly. I wanted to add a sign up form to my web page. I created the code to add the form to the contact page of my web site from EmailMeForm. This was easy to install and does just what I want and I am happy with it - who could ask for more ; )

The next and biggest step is to get a handle on my art inventory. I paint on both canvas and paper and have a lot of finished art work. I had some of the paintings in an excel spread sheet but I wanted a bit more control that that. I researched a few Art Inventory products and decided on Flick! - I chose this one for a number of reasons. First it does just what I wanted tracks my art work, a contact list, produces reports and so much more. Some of the other products I looked at had so many features I didn't want or need - they were very complex and expensive - which brings me to the second reason I opted for Flick! - it was only $29.95 - a bargain. I first downloaded a trial version and played with it a bit to see how I liked it - I also downloaded another product to compare - Flick! was my choice. I am slowly entering my artwork - what I love is I can have an image of each piece, I can track where a painting is and has been and do all sorts of neat stuff - I am such a computer geek!!!! Next I will start entering my contact list and a few other odds and ends.

The bottom line here is contacting galleries - so am I procrastinating with all this organization - I don't think so. I feel now is my time - now or never.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lakeville - New Abstract Painting

This is the other painting from last week. It is acrylic on canvas 30X24 and I LOVE it, I love the colors, the movement, the excitement - well everything. I painted this one rather quickly and I find that the quick ones are usually the best - no time to over think them. This painting is in my Etsy Shop here. I named it Lakeville after a town near my summer house in NE Pennsylvania. I am continuing to add my canvases to my new inventory product which I will blog about tomorrow. I am getting so organized - about time ; ) I also have news about a great exhibit I will be seeing next week - I am so excited - NE Corridor by artist Malcolm Bray. He is my favorite artist right now and I cannot wait to see his work live and in person. I really wish I was going to the opening tomorrow night but I will be seeing the show next Wednesday - probably better, not crowded so I can study the work close up.

Bits and Pieces - Abstract

Another new abstract from last week - gee I have only painted one so far this week - but then again I am into the marketing thing ; ) Really strange color in this one - I thought it might be bordering on "sweet" but somehow I think it works, actually it is quite textured and complex in real life. I have one more from last week to post and need to photo the one from this Monday. I am busy getting my painting inventory under control and I bought a great product to help do this which I will blog about soon - I am loving it. I am entering all the work on canvas first - lot of it but it is a chance to go through all my work and evaluate it. I can't imagine starting the works on paper - oh my - that will be a BIG task.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rock Lake - New Abstract

Well my marketing efforts are all well and good but I also need to produce art work so I have something to market - get it ; ) This is a small abstract on canvas 18X24 which I finished last week. It is smaller than I like to work but hey I had the canvas. Actually this is my new favorite painting. I love the freedom of the line work and the great color combinations. These are colors I do not usually use and I managed to pack a lot in a small area without it looking too busy. I think it is a fun painting and I named it after a lake in PA. It is in my Etsy Shop here.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Art Guide Book

I have not run away never to be seen or heard from again - not by a long shot. I am alive and well and working on art marketing - yea that's right me "marketing". As you know I love to paint but market not so much and that has got to change. I purchased this book "Starving" to Successful by Jason Horejs from Xanadu Gallery. I am slowly reading the book and highly recommend it. It is full of great advice about selling your art from a real honest to goodness gallery owner. I have learned so much already and am only half way through the book. I have already made a hard copy portfolio of my work and I am getting my painting inventory in order. Next I will be creating a mailing list and USING it. A few other things I want to get started is an e-newsletter, networking, entering more shows both physical and on-line, maybe an open house at my studio and doing some realistic gallery research. This book was just what I needed to get me moving in the right direction in my marketing efforts - which were nil up until this point. As they say, people are not going to come knocking on your door - you have to get your name and your work out there - so look out art world here comes Jean Hutter- Artist.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Color Thoughts

I started this painting on Monday night with the Abstract group - it was a disaster. I was not feeling great and had no energy and my painting showed this. I wanted to get back to it right away just to prove I hadn't lost my touch - so yesterday morning I repainted most of what I had done the night before and here is the result - it is called Caravan and is acrylic 30X24 on canvas. I have been thinking lately about my current color choices and how my location affects my use of color. When I was in PA this summer it was so much green, grey and blue and that was the colors I used to paint. Now I am back in NJ and it is fall and the color is glorious - I am painting in orange, golden yellow, pinks, light blue and well much brighter, lighter colors. My paintings feel much happier and are so much more colorful. I am liking this change and I think it is an improvement - I wonder what winter will bring?

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

ABstract EXpressions Gallery

Just a quick post about an amazing art gallery here in NJ. ABstract EXpressions Gallery at 70 High Street, Mount Holly, NJ - was established in 2007 as a venue to showcase the finest contemporary abstract art by regional and national artists.

The Gallery began by displaying abstract paintings and this continues to be its primary focus. In recent months the Gallery's compass has expanded to include ceramics, sculpture, and furniture. Each artist whose works are shown in the Gallery has a distinctly individual vision, yet the objects displayed establish a rapport with each other which is always enjoyable and instructive to explore. The Gallery gives visitors the opportunity to see and study contemporary abstract art exclusively and purchase it for their own collections.

If you are in the Mount Holly area stop in for a visit - you will be happy you did and you will come away with a better understanding and appreciation of abstract painting.