Friday, January 07, 2011

Drawing by Edie Hodge Pletzner

Since I have decided to feature some of the art work I have in my collection this is the second installment. This is a drawing of me by Edith Hodge Pletzner - it was done at an art B&B in Greenville NY. Edie, my friend Jane Betz and I used to do two art retreats (spring and fall) every year. I had long hair that I wore in braids and was sitting one afternoon at lunch looking at the woods and Edie did this quick sketch of me. The photo is not great as the sketch is framed under glass. Edie is a wonderful painter and portrait artist, I also have a pastel that she did in NY on one of our art get-a-ways. I treasure both of her sketches.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

New Abstract - Benediction

This is my second painting of 2011 or the "B" painting. Benediction - 30X30 - acrylic on canvas. I am very happy with this one - I love the color, especially the red in the upper left. I love the movement and the drama - this one is a keeper. I also did some beading today - all in all a very creative day - a Queen of Wands day. I hope the creative streak continues - I am much happier when I am painting well.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

First Abstract of 2011

This is my first painting of the new year. It is called Authenticity and is 28X22 acrylic on canvas. I have decided to go through the alphabet in naming my paintings - so this is the A painting. I open the dictionary to the letter section - A in this case - and pick a name from that page of the dictionary. This sure solves my naming problems. If I get all the way to Z in 2011 I will start back up at A. Nice warm colors in this painting - maybe because I went to the market today and was inspired by the veggies and fruit but I must say I am more partial to earth toned paintings - actually I tend to just paint in whatever color is left over from the previous day. It will be interesting to see how far I get into the alphabet this year - I do paint fast and I do paint a lot so Z is not out of the question ; )

As I look at this painting I see the letter A in the top left portion - this was by accident but maybe I will put the letters in the paintings - hmmmmm.