Friday, January 07, 2011

Drawing by Edie Hodge Pletzner

Since I have decided to feature some of the art work I have in my collection this is the second installment. This is a drawing of me by Edith Hodge Pletzner - it was done at an art B&B in Greenville NY. Edie, my friend Jane Betz and I used to do two art retreats (spring and fall) every year. I had long hair that I wore in braids and was sitting one afternoon at lunch looking at the woods and Edie did this quick sketch of me. The photo is not great as the sketch is framed under glass. Edie is a wonderful painter and portrait artist, I also have a pastel that she did in NY on one of our art get-a-ways. I treasure both of her sketches.


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gallerydarrow said...

Now THAT is a keepsake to treasure, thank you for sharing it and your memories.....

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a silly girl said...

I love your artwork! I really wish I could do something as nice as that, but I can't. It's really good.

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I first time seeing a blue sketch. This free hand drawing is very creative. I loved it very much.

Malenadu said...

Nice paintings

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art of thought said...

hey, it is very nice to have an artist for a friend, I like the portrait of you, it is interesting.

zolphy said...

you are amazing

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Cromwell Apartments said...

You're such a great artist. How I wish I could do that. I can sell a house but not to sketch lol. Thanks by the way :)

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